making group
payments easier

pool money amongst friends without any hassle or paperwork

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splitwise, huh?

bill splitting made obsolete

not your grandma 's joint account

Setup in less than
60 seconds

From creating an account to adding your friends and family, we can do it all in a flash


group creation
equal contribution

Forget about the math by setting member contribution amount for groups

sharing netflix accounts

Bloomberg says that 30 percent of Netflix 's users share their accounts.

indians hate eating

According to a NRAI Survey, Over 83 percent Indians prefer company when they dine out.

82% people like traveling in groups and share expenses

solo travel today makes up around 18% of global bookings with the majority preferring to travel in groups


of Americans Pinch Pennies When Dining Out With Friends


of those surveyed don’t split the bill evenly


of Millennials ask for a separate checks when dining out with friends


of surveyors prefer to pay their own way

Chippin is a brilliant concept, seemingly simple but the concept eliminates the need for any group to "split the bill "which is the worst. No more nagging friends to pay me back



The interface is clean and really easy to use, it 's so easy to keep track of payments that my group makes, I think it 's best if I uninstall Splitwise now



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